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We aim to provide children in Early Years with experiences which will help them develop a long lasting positive approach to learning.

By creating a learning environment where children feel at home, they will be more willing to explore new concepts and ideas. Self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, and respect for others are encouraged. Classroom walls are covered with displays of children’s art and craft, as well as language-based information to help them develop literacy skills. Displays of educational material related to topics being studied helps further stimulate their enthusiasm.

The Silverline School offers a Kindergarten specifically designed for children from the age of 2 to 4 years. Within this group your child will be well cared for as he or she enjoys the experience of learning through play and creativity. For children where English is not their native language, this is an ideal learning environment for effortless assimilation of the English language.

The Kindergarten provides a bridge between home and school as within this group children will learn to play and live with one another. Our aim is to contribute to children’s development in all areas.

The classes  provide a stimulating and creative environment where young children may experience a wide range of activities following EYFS curriculum which lead into Key Stage 1 of the English National Curriculum. These years are very important as they form the basis of a child’s future education. The nursery works very closely with the school’s Primary department, to ensure that our pupils have a seamless transition into full time school.