Our mission

In Primary school, our goal is to provide the very best leaning opportunities for our students.  We believe by offering stimulating learning experiences and by working in partnership with parents, all our students can grow and thrive, enabling them to move forward with confidence and reassurance that they have achieved their potential in all areas of the curriculum.   Through browsing our website, you will find out more about what it means to be a part of our school.  You will also find links to other sites including, the U.K. Department for Education website and more information regarding our student’s outcomes.


We are committed to delivering an exciting and enriched curriculum with memorable learning experiences. We want all children to develop a wide range of talents and skills to equip them for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of life. Staff deploy a wide variety of teaching styles and resources to establish a multi-media approach to learning. By developing reasoning, questioning, critical thinking, creativity,  memorisation and judgement we allow individuals to grow and learn. Our children are guided, nurtured and supported to apply these skills at the appropriate level for their development.   Below are some downloadable guides which will give parents a deeper understanding of the curriculum we are in implementing.