Public Speaking Final Wednesday 6th December

Each year the Senior School use part of their PSHE time to prepare, practice and deliver a speech to their peers. We believe that this helps the students to improve their public speaking skills which are extremely valuable in later life.

This year we also wanted to include the students in the judging and voting process. This required them to assess the speakers at different stages of the competition, including the Final, using the same criteria as the teachers: content, pace and clarity, timing, eye contact, posture and voice projection.

KS3 students worked in their Houses to find 4 semi-finalists, and then a panel of teachers chose their representatives for the Final. KS4 worked together in their year groups to find their Finalists.

On Wednesday 6th December all 12 Finalists delivered their speeches to the whole school, who then voted on the best speakers. All speakers performed excellently and had some very interesting topics. The Winners and Runner-Ups will be announced on Friday the 15th December, and the prizes will be presented in the last Assembly of the term, on Wednesday 20th December.

Congratulations to all on reaching the final and their excellent performances.

Finalists and their topics were -


Nicolas Papadopoulos (Yr7) - "Never Give Up"

Ekaterina Povetina (Yr7) - "Dance"

Agnes Rotsas (Yr7) - "Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)"

Melina Loizou (Yr7) - "Anxiety and Depression"

Jululiette Papadopoulos (Yr8) - "Inner Beauty"

Sophia Ambrozheichik (Yr9) - "What if" (Inspirational speech about treating others with care and respect) Paulina Mach (Yr9) - "Self Worth"

Amelie Theodorou (Yr9) - "Mental Health Problems are Everyone's Problems"


Ida Rosenburg (Yr11) - "Anxiety"

Luchezara Ambrozheichik (Yr11) - "Time"

Romi Shinitsky (Yr11) - "The Exorcism of Annalise Mickel"

Edward Souleles (Yr11) - "Tardigrades"


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