Primary School Behaviour and Discipline Policy

At Silverline Private School we have a clear expectation that students’ behaviour as well as their attitude to learning will be excellent. We have in place both positive reinforcement practices and clearly established procedures for dealing with incidents of unacceptable behaviour. Any measures and sanctions applied will take into account individual needs of students.

We believe that the ethos of the school is central to creating an environment which allows all pupils to develop and maintain high standards of behaviour and academic achievement. The quality of relationships throughout the school is of the utmost importance because it

  • Enables teachers to teach and pupils to learn
  • Raises self esteem
  • Provides a harmonious and mutually respectful atmosphere
  • Is accepted and required in the wider society beyond school life

Aims of the Behaviour and Discipline Policy

  • To provide an orderly, fair, consistent and safe environment where effective teaching and learning can take place
  • To encourage self-discipline in all pupils, helping them to make positive choices and to recognise consequences
  • To develop a whole school consistent approach to behaviour management

Pupils need

  • Regular attendance
  • To access a safe, stimulating environment
  • To feel valued
  • To be offered an appropriate, well balanced curriculum with realistic expectations
  • To have good role models provided by all adults in school
  • To develop an understanding of right and wrong and consequences of poor choices
  • To be involved in the discussion of whole school expectations at the beginning of each academic year

Parents need

  • To know that their children are safe and are going to be treated fairly
  • To be welcomed into school as partners in their children’s education
  • To be well informed and involved with their child’s life in school
  • To know they will be expected to take responsibility for the behaviour of their child both inside and outside of school
  • Teachers to contact parents about any significant behaviour and discipline issue
  • To know that bullying incidents, including cyber bullying, will be dealt with quickly with a zero-tolerance approach

Teachers need

  • To be able to teach without disruption
  • To be supported by a clear and consistent implementation of the behaviour policy
  • To work in partnership with parents
Desired behaviours/expectations
To follow school expectations
• Follow adult directions first time
• Keep hands, feet, objects, and negative comments to self
• Be polite and respectful to others
• Move around the school in calm and quiet manner
• Respect the environment and property of others
• Do your best work and allow others to do the same
• Be aware and considerate of other people’s feelings
Behaviours to be discouraged which will be met with a sanction
• Bullying: physical/ verbal/online
• Violence of any kind (hitting, kicking, pushing, biting, spitting)
• Racial or verbal abuse (isolating, name calling, winding up, teasing, threatening)
• Repeated non-compliance with school rules
• Destruction of property/ equipment
• Stealing
• Telling lies, blaming others
• Persistent disruption of lessons
• Refusal/non-compliance
• Defiance


When pupils choose not to adhere to expectations or make poor choices about their behaviour and conduct, sanctions will be applied. Sanctions will be relevant to the misdemeanour and will be clearly explained to the pupil so they understand there is a consequence to their actions. Incidents will be investigated fairly before sanctions are applied.


At Silverline Private School it is very rare that we have to apply sanctions as behaviour is consistently good. We also acknowledge that pupils make mistakes and make poor choices from time to time and that they need to be reminded or have additional support to understand the rules in a sensitive and understanding way. Behaviour sanctions are therefore only used when pupils knowingly break school rules and follow the steps outlined below.


Pupils who consistently behave well and comply with expectations will be rewarded.

Daily rewards

  • Positive praise (verbal and non-verbal)
  • House points (for their house team)
  • For every house point earned, children will put their name into a box in class in preparation for a class draw at the end of the week. The person who is picked out of the box will receive a small prize.
  • Stickers/stamps
  • ‘A note from the teacher’ to acknowledge and appreciate instances when pupils have gone above and beyond expectations in their conduct, attitude or work.

Celebration Assembly and Golden Time

A celebration assembly will take place every fortnight, led by Head Teacher. Pupils are invited to bring in trophies or certificates awarded from extra-curricular activities. Two children from each class will be entered into the ‘Gold Book’ for an achievement and also receive a certificate. House point totals will also be shared. The winning house from each fortnightly period will be given extra playtime at some point in the following week. At the end of assembly, pupils will return to class for Golden Time. Games, toys and electronic tablets (no phones) may be brought in for this session. The school does not accept responsibility for electronic equipment brought into school and video or camera features must not be used on the devices.